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This friendly pup was born July 18th and is out of our imported Fly. Her sire is affectionately called Squirt. On the ranch these two can be counted on to get the job done, whether it is with sheep or cattle. Dakota is now crate trained and starting towork livestock, both sheep and cattle. Whether it be for stock, agility, or as a pet, be assured she will fit the bill. 
She comes ABCA registered. Price $1500.

  • Fly
  • Squirt

  • Dash
  • Jade
  • Jan

These pups promise to be cow eating, sheep herding, ball chasing, awesome service dogs! Whatever you need they, are up to the job! They are lively, friendly, confident pups out of our imported Tess and Squirt. They were born July 31st, are registered with the ABCA. Jan and Kali are ready to do your bidding and sells for $750. Dash and Jade are crate trained and starting to work livestock, both sheep and cattle. They sell for $1500.

  • Tess
  • Squirt


We put extra care into the raising of out puppies at Atoka Lamb. They remain on their mothers until about 7 weeks of age. We start the puppies at three to four weeks of age on a quality puppy food. From birth we hold, stroke, and love the puppies. When you receive them, they are friendly and ready to accept you as their master.
They are ready to learn!

 Our puppies have had a great success as working dogs for cattle, sheep, and hogs. They make great agility dogs and are loving pets. If your goal is to have a puppy as a pet, we do recommend you enroll them in a dog obedience class at a young age and give them plenty of exercise. Since they are working dogs, they have active minds and they need to be busy.

They are registered with the American Border Collie Association and American Kennel Club. They come current on deworming and vaccinations, and have a health guarantee.

American Border Collie Association                           American Kennel Club



 Lorenz and Nancy Thelen
9229 West Highway 7
Atoka, OK 74525
Home Phone: 580-889-3577
Cell Phone: 480-250-9750
Email: atokalamb@hotmail.com.


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