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M-J E from Canada says, “I have just one word to describe my puppy: PERFECT! (conformation, size and temperament)
He is lovely, confident, curious, friendly! . . .Thank you so much for this perfect pup!”

G.W. from Arizona says about his pup, “ What a smart girl. We are so pleased with her! In 2 days she was sitting. WOW!  In three days she was fetching.  And the main thing, (in less than 12 days) she’s already house trained. WOW!

M. D. from Texas says, "The pup is a dream to work, awesome.  He has no back down to him on cattle,
and is learning his commands before we give them....”

Irem acv says, “We have this beautiful puppy from Atoka. She is healthy, happy and very playfully. We love her.”

Daniel Ray says, “My puppy Max came from this place. He is one amazing dog, friendly, hard worker, smart. I highly recommend this place.”

Fish Body says, “We got our lovely puppy month ago. He is so smart and healthy.”

Kayla’s Paws says, “Atoka Lamb is a great breeder of Border Collies. Lorenz and Nancy are experts, on their large farm in Atoka. I have been to the farm, which they have a clean, professional, and organized breeding operation. They have the mentality that it is not quantity but QUALITY when it comes to breeding there great breed, many have gone onto being excellent service dog in my organization, as well as, champion award winning dogs in herding trials, as well as, run of the mill pets. They have been breeders for over 40+ years and the only ones I would go to for top of the line Border Collies!!!”


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