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M-J E from Canada says, “I have just one word to describe my puppy: PERFECT! (conformation, size and temperament)

 He is lovely, confident, curious, friendly! . . .Thank you so much for this perfect pup!”

G.W. from Arizona says about his pup, “ What a smart girl. We are so pleased with her! In 2 days she was sitting. WOW!  In three days she was fetching.  And the main thing, (in less than 12 days) she’s already house trained. WOW!

M. D. from Texas says, “The pup is a dream to work, awesome.  He has no back down to him on cattle,
and is learning his commands before we give them....”

TESTIMONIAL FROM DAVID NOWAK, M.Sc., Service Dog Instructor Trainer, Director of Kayla's Paws Service Dog

Training, Education & Assistance Foundation a approved 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization


September 9th, 2015

Atoka Lamb, is one of my recommended breeders for purebred, top of the line Border Collies. As a service dog trainer I was looking for high quality, highly intelligent, even disposition, and temperament border collies.

I eventually located Atoka Lamb, located in Atoka, Oklahoma. In speaking with Mr. Lorenz Thelen, he had no issues answering any questions I had and was super personable and helpful. My clients sent me to Atoka to evaluate the litter of puppies they had up for adoption and it was, not only a great trip, the puppies evaluated with high marks. Lorenz and Nancy Thelen were very helpful and their knowledge from breeding border collies was second to none....they were upfront, organized, and so very professional and personable at the same time.

From this first trip, we have forged a lasting relationship, because it is rare for myself as a service dog trainer to find that exceptional puppy that stands up to the rigorous training. My clients purchased two female puppies from the Thelen's, which I traveled by vehicle to Oklahoma from New Jersey just to pick these two girls up, and we rushed home just hours before super storm Sandy struck New Jersey. Eventually the two puppies, apply named Mac & Peggy, trained hard, and are now service dogs to their partners, two twin boys in NYC. Service Dog Mac is task trained for both mobility assistance and seizure alert/response and within the first 2 months, was detecting her partners seizures on average 15 minutes before they occurred. Service Dog Peggy is task trained for psychiatric detection and alert issues and again, much like her sister, amongst her other trained tasks pick up on psychiatric issues well prior to them occurring, giving the family time to administer medication and get the child to a safe spot. Both Service Dog Mac and Peggy are three years into their service and going strong to this day.

Mac and Peggy.

In March of 2014, the Sire and Dam of Mac and Peggy, had another litter. I have an assistant instructor, that was diagnosed with various psychiatric disorders, including Bi-Polar disorder. This time the Thelen's had a littler available, to which we were able to get another female border collie. Already knowing the outstanding results with training we had with Service Dogs Mac and Peggy, this was a no brainer and was able to get another female puppy, whom is named Hecate or aka "Hex". Her training with her partner Ventura, went smoothly. Hex was very intuitive to Ventura's moods prior to them occurring and she learned important tasks on how to alert Ventura to those impending issues, as well as approximately 150 other important daily tasks that help Ventura on a daily basis. Again, this just reinforces the Thelen's unique knowledge and professional, moral, and ethical breeding of this great breed. Although, Hex is currently a Probationary Service Dog, which is a title I use with my service dogs in training, that have passed and exceeded all the required training, this is a designation just prior to graduation as a full service dog. However, Ventura and P-SD Hex will be graduating in October, 2015.

Hex with her partner Ventura.

Then In December, 2014, another client needed a service dog (in training) for a seizure alerting/response issue. Luck struck a third time! It just so happened that the same sire and dam, of Mac, Peggy, and Hex..had another litter and this was going to be the last litter for these two great working dogs. So the client, and board member of the new nonprofit organization which I founded, Kayla's Paws Service Dog Training, Education & Assistance Foundation, was able to get service dog in training "Keegan". Keegan also possessed that seizure alert/response instinct, as well as many other trained tasks we trained for, to assist her partner Taylor. Currently Keegan is another Probationary Service Dog and is only 10 months old, she was a quick learner. When she first came to us, Taylor and Keegan, were college dorm roommates and she quickly adjusted to college life and the hustle and bustle of going to classes ... we think she may also have picked up some college credit that semester. We could not be prouder to have another Thelen (Atokalamb.com) border collie, amongst are trained service dogs, she also is highly intelligent, ambitious, and truly loves what she does for Taylor and with Taylor. Taylor and P-SD Keegan are expected to graduate in the next 3-4 months, since training is still in the process, but as the trainer, I have no doubt that P-SD Keegan will complete her training and Taylor & Keegan will, and do now, make a solid service dog Team.

Keegan with he partner Taylor.

On behalf of myself, my clients, and their Atoka Lamb Border Collie Service Dogs, I would like to thank Lorenz and Nancy Thelen, for their hard work, dedication, and that rarely found professionalism and knowledge. The border collies are, in my opinion, some of the finest dogs I have seen, and had the privilege to train, over the course of my 20+ years of service dog training.

Respectfully and Best Wishes,
David Nowak, M.Sc.


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